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Beautiful, affordable exterior painting for over 20 years. Painting contractor Nelson Painting serves Sausalito, Corte Madera, Tiburon, Mill Valley…

Exterior Painting that Enhances and Protects

Exterior painting projects are a combination of beatification and protection. A beautiful building will bring you gratification and create a good impression. Nelson Painting will help you make your vision a reality, while providing the protection that your building needs as a good long-term investment.

Nelson Painting guides you in all aspects of your exterior painting project, from color selection, maintenance suggestions and even possible landscape alterations. While we work, we concern ourselves with vegetation protection as well as unwanted plant removal. We will keep your property clean, including daily cleanup of our job site. We are always courteous and strive to do our work without impacting the lives of your neighbors and tenants.

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Our Guarantee

Our more than thirty years of restoration expertise and extensive product knowledge allows us to produce a lasting paint job that will stand up to the elements and look great for many years. All Nelson Painting exterior painting jobs come with a warrantee against flaking, peeling or chipping for two years.

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Minor Repairs Are Included

Providing long-lasting protection for our clients’ structures requires a thorough upfront evaluation and assessment. We work with owners and managers to identify areas that require special attention. If you have some decaying or broken boards that need replacement, we will replace them, saving you expensive carpentry costs.

Preparation is the most important part of the exterior painting process and is the key, along with quality appropriate finishes, to adding longevity to your paint job. We use two part epoxy fillers (never spackle), flexible (elastomeric) products and high quality urethane caulking.

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Please contact exterior painting contractor Nelson Painting for a free exterior painting estimate or consultation at: (415) 250-4100.

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