Flawlessly Executed Interior Painting for Your Home or Business

At Nelson Painting we will do whatever is needed to take the pain out of painting! We understand the special concerns and needs of our clients, particularly when it comes to interior painting. The care and protection of your home or business is our utmost concern.


As experienced painting contractors, we work carefully and meticulously so that we can provide a long-lasting and pleasing effect.  We will consult with you regarding color and advise you on products that will produce the effects you desire and the durability you require.


Flexible Painting Schedule

When we paint in occupied homes or businesses, our goal is to not disturb our clients and their normal course of activity any more than absolutely necessary. We do our best to be flexible with our schedule so that the impact on you, your family or your business is minimal. We will ask you about your daily schedule and routines before we begin our painting work, and we will proceed in the manner that minimizes your inconvenience.


Our crew is conscientious and polite with excellent communication skills. We treat your space with reverence, and we have an honest desire to make you comfortable during the painting process. If your cat or dog is an escape artist, not to fear! We haven’t lost a pet in twenty years (ever).


We understand that vacant offices or retail spaces are not serving their investment purpose. We are always aware of your deadlines. Completing your painting project in a timely manner is paramount so that you can regain use of your space, without unnecessary delay.



Eco-Friendly Interior Painting Products

Products for interiors have come a long way from an environmental perspective. We use green painting procedures and no VOC (volatile organic compounds – solvents that get released into the air as the paint dries) in order to protect you, your family and your business.

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Please contact painting contractor Nelson Painting for a free interior painting estimate or consultation at: (415) 250-4100.

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