Staining & Restoration

Staining and Restoration Enhances Your Wood’s Natural Beauty

Natural wood restoration has two major advantages – it maintains your wood’s integrity and enhances or changes its appearance. Nelson Painting can beautifully restore and stain your wood siding, decks, and fences as well as your interior doors, trim and cabinetry.

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Over time, wood loses it natural oils and can accumulate mold and dirt, depending on the elements and conditions it is exposed to. Peeling varnish, curling shingles, moldy fences and decks are unsightly. Restoration and preventative maintenance are the most effective ways to prohibit this. Nelson Painting uses the best products available to nourish your wood and prevent structural failure.

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Add Years to Your Wood’s Life

Often, a building will experience extensive drying and splitting on one side, where it is exposed to the sun, while it collects mold and soil on the other. Both conditions erode the wood’s integrity and jeopardize your investment in your property. Nelson Painting will clean the wood and replace the natural oils, which will add years to its life. A cracking front door or discolored bathroom cabinetry can be brought back to life through restoration, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.


Show Off Your Wood with Beautiful Staining

Natural Wood is gorgeous when it is properly maintained. Wood can also be enhanced to make its tone more enjoyable. Nelson Painting has extensive product knowledge to help you create a whole new look. We can make your wood darker or more vivid with beautiful stains that show off the natural wood grain.

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Please contact painting contractor Nelson Painting for a free painting estimate or consultation for your wood staining and restoration project at: (415) 250-4100.

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